Spring Cleaning My Life

My 3 step process that may or may not work…


Spring is in the air! And with springtime looming there are certain changes that you’re either undergoing or preparing yourself to undergo. I’m not just talking about the wardrobe changes, like putting the riding boots back in the box and placing those beloved flip-flops front and center of your shoe lineup. No, I’m talking about something much bigger. When the seasons change so do our souls. It’s even reflected in my Catholic faith, starting with Lent. We give something up or promise to start something new and after 40 days we emerge better and stronger. The question is; what do you do with your sudden appetite for change, renewal and organization? Where exactly should you start?

I have a laundry list of changes I want to make but I narrowed my list down to three and decided to start with the low hanging fruit – organizing My home. The mission was to de clutter  and simplify. It’s not like hoarders or anything but if I find one more expired scholastic book order form stuffed in a drawer because I swore I’d get to it later, I’m going to scream. I have everything from fundraising forms to old medical documents to children’s art that’s not quite fridge-worthy but too sweet to throw away. Well, springtime Mom had no problem recycling that s$!@t. All of the important documents were filed away in a fancy accordion folder I bought years ago but never used; as for the million school reminders and permission slips, here’s what I did. Have you ever heard of the app Trello? It’s like an electronic pin board for all your crap with the added benefit of putting the pins on a calendar, and opening a dialogue with any persons who might also have interest in the pin. It sounds confusing but it’s pretty genius. Next on the chopping block – my closet.

Now I read the cliff notes version of Marie Kondo’s book The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up and it’s helpful but boy is it time consuming. I don’t know what’s more bizarre… thanking my strapless bcbg peplum top for helping me snag my husband… the fact that I still own a 10 year old strapless peplum top… or admitting that this ritual actually works for me? Hmmm, probably the second one. If you haven’t read this book, do yourself a favor and put it on your Amazon book list! Like I said, it took all weekend but when it was done, I actually felt lighter and refreshed. My only regret is realizing now that my kids have no clothes that properly fit them. I’m also not sure whether I should be embarrassed or proud that I’ve seriously extended the life of 24-month sized leggings by allowing my 3 year old to call them capris?


Now, I don’t know about you but for me, motivation can come and go as fast as a toddler’s nap time – so while I’m on a roll, I’m gonna start my third and most challenging springtime reboot. My physical change will be initiated by a 3 day liquid fast. I’m thrifty so no, I won’t be buying a fancy cleanse kit. Trust me I have plenty of left-over meal replacement shakes from failed diets. This will definitely be the hardest change but I’ll tell you writing about it and publishing it here is like having the ultimate accountability partner. I’m hoping to draw the strength and willpower (God knows I’ll need) to complete the fast, from my faith. It won’t be easy but one thing I’ve learned from personal experience is that the greater the challenge, the greater the reward. So as I drink my first meal, I’d like to hold my shaker-mug up and share a toast to spring, to new beginnings and pain-in-the-butt changes that make us stronger.


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