Surviving Youth Sports 


Spring is officially here and that means so are spring sports! With three active kids, sports’ season gets pretty rowdy in my house. We aren’t one of those families whose kids are in all sports all year round. I just don’t have the patience or stamina for all that. I make sure my kids have a season or two off to just play outside, swim, fight, be BORED! I’m kinda old school like that. However, when sports’ season does roll around, the madness in our house is on like donkey kong!! With two sports players and one toddler to wrangle all hell tends to break loose making me want to ditch practice to stay home and drink my weight in wine.

So to avoid the breakdown I’ve put a checklist in place that’s sure to guarantee a winning season!l for everyone! First tip is to start dinner early on practice and game nights. If you work from home, make it that afternoon heck, that morning if you can. If you work, crockpot that $hit! I mean it. You got buns, a pork shoulder and a bottle of barbecue sauce? BAM Pulled pork sandwiches and toss together a salad. Chicken breasts/thighs, a jar of salsa, dried cumin? The possibilities are endless with that. Tacos, salad, taco-salad. You catch my drift. Point being, get your dinner plan on the front burner! Feed the kids before and then feed-em again after if you have to. If not you’ll potentially have hungry little athletes complaining about how hungry they are right as you’re frantically looking for their damn shin guards… or worse, you have starving kids afterwards, complaining of tummy aches and headaches. Either way, we all know what that leads to… the Chick-fil-a Drive thru. Now I love me some chick-fil-a but I also like to breath in my jeans; and who wants to order a salad when those delicious chicken sandwiches and waffle fries are calling your name OH and that sauce?!? Yeah, I just. Can’t.

Dirty Rice recipe from

Next, uniforms. You gotta have those ready, and by ready I don’t mean they’ve been broken in with last week’s sweat and odor because you had to dig them out from the bottom of the laundry pile. Make your kids strip down in the laundry room IMMEDIATELY after their game if it’ll help. Throw those bad boys in the wash that night and consistently leave them in the same spot. As far as equipment goes; That’s the kids’ job. My boys asked for baseball bags and I’ll be damned if I’m gonna hunt down their gloves and cleats. “That’s what the bag is for!” Amazon has these inexpensive baseball bags, invest in one and encourage responsibility. I mean isn’t that part of why we encourage our kids to be in team sports? I even have them fill their own water bottles. This reminds them that they’re there…for you know…DRINKING!

Last, the toddler list. If you have to drag a toddler around to big brother or big sisters games, you know timing is everything. So since I can’t control time, I try to control everything else. Hungry? Got it! Tired? No problem! Potty? Yep, I even got that! Now, I’m not in the business of loading up on cute snacks and bento, dento snack-em-adobo-dat, boxes – That’s just not my style, but I will chop an apple, and grab a bag of pretzels a couple of toys a drink and toss it all in my “pre-packed” bag which is this giant thirty-one bag. (Don’t want to splurge? Get an IKEA bag!) So, have a seat. Let me tell you about this bad boy! It is huge, versatile and always packed and ready to go. (Even comes complete with goldfish wrappers and soggy lollipop sticks.) I just load-er up with fresh snacks and 2 toys MAX and we are good to go for any practice, any game, any occasion any day! So what’s in this giant pre-packed bag of fun?!? I won’t fill time and space with unnecessary words, but here are some pictures and a list. Hope you get some takeaways from this to make your youth-sports season more manageable and enjoyable. And when you get home from being the bad mammajamma that you are, you can celebrate with a big glass of V-I-C-T-O-R-WINE! Cheers!

  • Portable potty
  • Pet poop bags (for portable potty)
  • Sunscreen
  •  Small tent
  • Bubbles
  • Soccer Ball
  • Crayons
  • Coloring/Activity books
  • baseball cap/sunglasses

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